Every year Australian travellers become ill, or even die, while travelling overseas. Make an appointment with one of our doctors for a basic health check-up at least eight weeks before you depart.

Infectious diseases that cause some of the overseas illnesses are often preventable through vaccinations.  It's important that you discuss your personal travel plans early enough to ensure you have the correct vaccinations for your trip and any booster doses of childhood vaccinations you may need.

Vaccines can prevent you from contracting some diseases, but remember:

  • New vaccines are constantly being released but diseases continue to evolve.
  • Vaccinations may be an entry requirement of some countries so check with the embassy or consulate of the countries you are intending to visit or transit. In some countries you may be refused entry or required to have the vaccination at the border.
  • It's never too late to vaccinate; however, some vaccines require a long period to take effect and more than one dose may be needed.
  • You may need boosters for childhood vaccines.
  • Health risks within a country can vary from one region to another and local authorities may be slow to announce outbreaks of disease.

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