Flu Season is Just Around the Corner

Flu Season is Just Around the Corner

It’s March, which means flu season is coming. The release of the 2015 flu vax has been delayed by a few weeks, due to some of the strains of influenza changing from last year’s vaccine. This means that the vaccine developers have to change more of the composition of the vaccine. As a result of these changes, the vaccination season will start in April, but the amount of vaccines delivered will remain the same.

A reminder that the following groups are eligible for free influenza vaccines:

  1. People aged 65 or older
  2. Pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy
  3. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months to 5 years or 15 years and older
  4. Residents of nursing homes
  5. Those predisposed to severe influenza, requiring hospitalisation
  6. People who have cardiac disease, chronic respiratory conditions, are immunocompromised, diabetes & other metabolic disorders, chronic neurological conditions, renal disease, haematological disorders, Down syndrome (and fall under one of the preceding categories), are obese (BMI≥30kg/m2, and fall under one of the preceding categories), alcoholism requiring medical treatment/hospitalisation (and fall under one of the preceding categories).

Please contact the clinic to enquire about flu vaccine availability and to make appointments. You can also click here to fill in our appointment enquiry form.

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