Don’t Leave Your Travel Vaccinations to the Last Minute

Don’t Leave Your Travel Vaccinations to the Last Minute

For those travelling, healthcare and travel vaccination is often left to the last minute. An unforseen illness can ruin a perfect holiday, so it is recommended to see your GP before travelling to minimise the risks.

GPs can advise travellers on risks specific to various regions around the world and in Australia. These pre-travel health checks need to take place well in advance of departure (ideally 6-8 weeks), as vaccinations or medications may be administered which take some weeks to be effective, and may need to be ordered specially.

It is also wise to update the prescriptions on all medications taken before leaving, and in many cases taking enough medication to last the full trip.

For travel related enquires please contact the clinic to make an appointment, and remember to bring your travel details along with you.

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